Olivier Duchenne, PhD

AI Scientist and Serial Entrepreneur

Online Résumé

startups founded
AI Workers
Adriel (aka AdGenAI)
Solidware (exited)
jobs created.
42 in Solidware
72 in Adriel.
for Adriel.
academic citations
from PhD articles
CVPR award
best student paper,
oral presentations
at CVPR and ICCV
2~3% acceptance ratio
news articles.
My co-founder listed in Forbes 30 under 30!
for her work at Solidware.
on stackoverflow


Adriel, your AI automated marketing agency. Co-Founder, Lead Scientist (1y)
We create ad, generate banners, publish them, optimize campaigns an do the repporting.
Some clients: Nike, Samsubg, Lauréal, LG.
Strategy. AI. Product. Recruited and manage 30 developpers/UI/UX/PM.
Raised 18M$.
Solidware, ML solutions for underwriting and credit scoring. Co-Founder, Lead Scientist (2.5y)
Strategy. Designed and implemented algorithm that automatically clean data, find the best ML algorithm, tune it, train it and evaluate it. Recruited and managed 6 ML scientists and engineers.
Our underwriting model increased a major insurance company revenue by 70M$/y (14% of revenue), according to their own data. Similar results have been achieved at SBI bank, Shinhan bank, KB capital, Hyundai card, etc...
Intel Korea, senior Computer Vision scientist (1.5y)
Designed and implemented algorithms for Face Recognition and mobile real-time Face Landmark Detector.


ENS Paris France #1 university, undergrad and PhD
Computer Vision PhD Major, Computer Science undergrad major, Cognitive Science undergrad minor.
Advisor: Prof. Jean Ponce.
CMU postdoc
Computer Vision
Advisor: Prof. Alexei Efros.


Artificial Intelligence

Research-level Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Mathematical Optimization, Algorithms, Maths, Implementation, Training, Tuning, etc..


Business sense, Recruiting, Management, Fund Raising, B2B Negotiation and Contracts, etc..


Algorithmics, Python, Web (JS, node, html, css), C++, Matlab, etc..


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Non-rigid image alignment for object recognition (pdf, pptx)
Thesis 2012 (Jury: Pedro Felzenszwalb, Martial Hebert, Francis Bach, Jitendra Malik, Cordelia Schmid, Andrew Zisserman)

A Graph-matching Kernel for Object Categorization (pdf pptx video linux code)
Olivier Duchenne, Armand Joulin and Jean Ponce
ICCV 2011 (Oral Presentation 2.5% acceptance ratio)

A Tensor-Based Algorithm for High-Order Graph Matching (pdf)
Olivier Duchenne, Francis Bach, Inso Kweon, and Jean Ponce
PAMI 2011

Automatic Annotation of Human Actions in Video (pdf)
Olivier Duchenne, Ivan Laptev, Josef Sivic, Francis Bach and Jean Ponce
ICCV 2009

A Tensor-Based Algorithm for High-Order Graph Matching (pdf pptx ppt code(fixed on 09/2011) )
Olivier Duchenne, Francis Bach, Inso Kweon, and Jean Ponce
CVPR 2009 (Best Student Paper - Honorable Mention)

Segmentation by Transduction (pdf)
Olivier Duchenne, Jean-Yves Audibert, Renaud Keriven, Jean Ponce, and Florent Ségonne
CVPR 2008 (oral paper 4% acceptance ratio)

In the news

Forbes 30 under 30 My co-founder listed in Forbes 30 under 30 for her work at Solidware.
1 article about Solidware and me in English.
9 articles in Korean and English about Adriel AI.
24 articles about Naver investment in Adriel AI.
3 articles about Solidware in English.
300+ articles about Solidware in Korean.
16 selected articles about Solidware in Korean.
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